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Below, we dive into the world of camera spying by talking about how to spy on someone through their phone camera and the best spy camera app.

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Unlike what many want to believe, it is possible to spy on someone through their phone camera. Using third-party apps and software, a stranger or someone you know could spy on your phone contents and your surroundings.


Auto Forward is considered the best spy camera app on the market. Now, how can someone spy on you? In the next section, we talk about how to spy on someone through their phone camera using PhoneSpector. Follow the installation instructions indicated, such as entering the number of the phone you want to monitor and your product license key. This can be on your own laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Before installing the spy camera app, you need to log into the app on your own Wi-Fi enabled device.

Your login credentials are provided by the company.

How to Scan for Networked Cameras

Via your account, enter the Apple ID and password belonging to the device you would like to camera spy on. Interested in learning more about spy camera apps?

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If so always look for lens on the suspect if app beeps. What do I do if it beeps near metal - Check if there is any lens on the suspect. If not, then you are secure. What is the use of this app, if I have to detect manually App analyses magnetic activity and warn you if it find magnetic activity similar to camera.

So if app beeps, check for lens. App will help you many times and may also fail sometimes and there it needs your intervention. Infrared detector is just a fancy green tool of normal camera. Normal camera can also detect infrared You are partially-correct. Along with this, infrared detector have luminescence effect to glow white light.

How to Spy on Someone’s Android Cell Phone Camera

If you feel better with normal camera, go for it. We never claimed something false. But please give credit to the app if you never knew IR camera can be detected using digicam. And off course, its a quick scanning feature within the app. App does not open Infrared camera detector.

It shows not responding Please kill all other camera apps that are running in background. Bug detector, spy cam detector, finder, device detector,electronics detector. Reviews Review Policy. Detect hidden spy camera's - in new release, 1. Magnetic sensor accuracy improved.

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How to Spy on Someone’s Android Cell Phone Camera

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Lens Cap - Disable Camera.